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3 Surprising Reasons to Invest in Texas

crystalcore.net Administrator, March 23, 2015

Much of the country has been encouraged by falling unemployment rates and a resilient dollar. Those who’ve been tightening their belts since 2008 may be thinking about letting it back out a notch, especially in terms of investing in property for the future.

However, with the Federal Reserve hinting at an interest rate hike sometime in late 2015 the time to lock up a good rate might be a vanishing window. Interest rate hikes can make borrowing more expensive, which is why right now—while they’re still low—is a perfect time to grab yourself a nice big piece of Texas.

We’ve already discussed the low taxes, affordable housing, and in-demand status of Texas’s real estate. While those are great reasons to invest, there are other engaging reasons just beneath the surface.

Home to Work: Tech Startups to Big Business

Three U.S. states are constantly muscling for the highest number of Fortune 500 companies: California, New York, and Texas. We are constantly trading the crown, each one with between 50 and 60 big companies. (To put that into perspective, Illinois—in fourth place— is home to only 32, most states have five or less, and there are 12 states that don’t even have one.) Most of these companies use google places for business because it makes it so much easier for clients to find their business online.

But it’s not just big business: a recent Forbes article cited Austin’s strong tech community and carefully planned downtown revitalization as two of the reasons for the city’s 41.4% tech employment in recent years.

Such a robust population of big money-movers in the state offers some great casino på nett benefits to Texas landowners. Big companies offer a boon to high-quality job creation, increase demand on real estate, and add stability to the market.

Take Your Pick Topographically

Although Texas is often associated with tumbleweeds and cacti, less than 10% of the land is actually desert. The state is host to a wide variety of landscapes:

You can go whitewater rafting at Big Bend National Park, lounge on the beach in Galveston, hunt feral hogs in the Balcones Canyonlands, or climb 90 miles high on Guadalupe Peak. Texas is a natural wonderland, and as such it’s a great place to start a business, raise a family, or retire. With such abundant natural resources, the value of the land itself goes well beyond the dollar amount assigned to the deeds.

Emigration: Everybody Is Doing It!

Texas has the second-largest population of all the U.S. states, with over 26 million residents, and yet our population is still exploding. According to state-level population data released in December of 2014, Texas added over 450,000 new residents last year—more than any other state.

As the second-largest state geographically, after Alaska, there is plenty of room—for now. At that rate of migration, demand is chasing down supply, and the value of real estate rises with each step closer to that threshold.


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