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Cedar Creek Ranch: Rich in Texas History and Opportunity

crystalcore.net Administrator, January 20, 2015

On the market for the first time in a century, the Cedar Creek Ranch is a rare find. It’s teeming in acreage. It is wealthy in natural amenities. You might need a bit of legendary Texas independence just to look at this immense and exquisite property.

This Texas estate is rich in history. Erhard Guenther carefully pieced this ranch together in the early 1900’s from settlers of the post Civil War era. Guenther was the son of hard-working, European immigrant to America, Carl H. Guenther. By the way, do you know the news about the US will retain the EB5 Visa but will double the fee? Visit mydigitalfc.com if you’re interested in the full article. As successful entrepreneurs, their courageous, self-made spirit was generational and permeates the Cedar Creek Ranch. What an honor to add your own legacy to this historic piece of real estate!

A Hunter’s Buffet

Imagine hosting the spring hunt on your own estate this year. The land is generous and the game plentiful. The thrill of the hunt awaits in abundant whitetail deer, axis, aoudad sheep, turkey, wild boar, dove and more.

Countless Adventures

Adventure calls from the moment you step foot inside the gate. Enjoy the opportunity to research the many stories of pioneers who settled here post-Civil War. Or, invite your companions to explore Indian mounds scattered throughout the land. Search the fossil laden grounds for arrowheads, and delve into the Native American Indian sites. You can venture down into the subterranean caves for a real life history adventure. Imagine sharing the tales of your findings around the fire or at your next dinner party.

Scenic Views

Lush and plentiful, the hearty green grass spreads far beyond what the eye can see. Dotted with pinyon pines, high-reaching mountains beckon to be explored, and the view of Cedar Creek Valley from the summit is awe-inspiring every time.

Walk along the edge of the creek with your coffee mug in hand as the sun rises. Preserved springs and creeks give this ranch an edge over most others. The spring sources and creek flow remain stable and secure, flowing year round. Even during dry spells, this creek flows stronger than many rivers in the region.

From Cabin to Castle

Restoration projects await only your creativity and resources. Restore one or more of the several cabins found on the property, or start fresh and build your (or your wife’s) dream home. This extravagant property deserves to be called home.

Location, Location, Location

Nestled into the heart of the breathtaking Nueces Valley, this stunning ranch is a scenic two-and-a-half hour drive from San Antonio, Texas. Secluded just enough, the front gate is just a short drive down a maintained county road, and just off a state highway nearby – easily accessible yet tranquil. There is also a 2300-foot airstrip in good condition located in the central valley, south of the county road.

Endless Possibilities

While many ranches cater to hunters or nature enthusiasts, cattle ranchers or mineral developers, entrepreneurs or investors, this ranch affords all of these possibilities and more.

2015 rings of potential, promise, and what could be – a chance for dreams to come true and legacies to be made, but they don’t just happen. Legacies are built when someone sees that once in a lifetime opportunity and doesn’t hesitate. This ranch is a must-see. Give us a call at 830-569-3500, or contact us online today!