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Opportunity for Texas Landowners: Grassland Restoration

crystalcore.net Administrator, April 14, 2015

There is nothing as beautiful as Texas in the springtime. A feeling of freedom and possibility is inherent in this scenic landscape through a “we buy houses” establishment—native grasses dotted with colorful wildflowers as far as the eye can see. As a landowner, you have an opportunity to help preserve Texas’ gorgeous landscape, and the diverse animals that call it home.

Finances Available for Texas Landowners: Grassland Restoration

Grassland restoration programs are offered by groups such as the Native Prairies Association of Texas. They work to educate the public and to conserve and protect over 100 acres of endangered prairie in Texas.

USDA’s Natural Resources Conversion Service (NRCS) also has a great initiative, the Agricultural Easement Program. The Easement program provides education and finances to those landowners that are willing to keep their private land protected. Get your finances settled by getting joint loans over here. If you are interested in being a part of the ACEP here are a few things you need to know:

Eastern Gamagrass is endangered in Texas. Photo credit: Mary Keim

A Threatened Ecosystem

The Tallgrass prairies of Texas are the most endangered large ecosystem in North America, with over 99-percent altered or destroyed. The native plants that are endangered include Yellow Indiangrass, Little Bluestem, and Eastern Gamagrass.

These grasses protect the watershed, and their decline means erosion and decrease of water quality. Not only does the threatened ecosystem affect the environment, It also means the natural heritage of Texas is lost.

Henslow’s sparrow is considered extinct in Texas. Photo credit: Amy Evenstad

Endangered Animals

A native grassland bird, Henslow’s sparrow once nested in coastal Texas prairie. However, this small, brown bird with a beautiful song is now considered extinct in Texas.

There are many other types of birds make their home in the grasslands, and are now endangered. The Short-eared Owl, Eastern Meadowlark, and Northern Bobwhite are few that have seen a decrease in population by over 60%. We must prevent these birds and other wildlife such as the eastern spotted skunk, from going the way of the Henslow’s sparrow.

Improve Your Land and the Texas Ecosystem

Take a drive down a winding country road this week, and enjoy the prairies full of deep bluish-purple bluebonnets and fiery red Indian paintbrushes. Then, get in touch with an organization that can help you bring some of it home.

Finances are available to help get you started. Your property will benefit from a more diverse ecosystem, and future generations will benefit from the sustained vitality of the plants and animals that make Texas so unique. For other educational blog, check this out : i have really bad credit but i need a loan.