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Perfect Texas Ranch: Live Water and Untouched Land

The warm sunlight hits the river next to you, causing glistening sparkles to appear on the surface. A warm breeze whips through the oak leaves, and you notice the comforting scent of damp earth. You turn your head towards rolling green hills at the sound of rustling, and hold your breath as a young deer […]

February 17, 2015

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What Declining Oil Prices Really Mean for Texas Real Estate

With prices at the pump steadily falling, many people are overjoyed at spending less on a full tank of gas. Many Texans, however, are concerned that declining oil prices are a bad omen for our economy — especially in the real estate sector. With the price of a barrel of oil hovering around the $50 […]

February 3, 2015

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Cedar Creek Ranch: Rich in Texas History and Opportunity

On the market for the first time in a century, the Cedar Creek Ranch is a rare find. It’s teeming in acreage. It is wealthy in natural amenities. You might need a bit of legendary Texas independence just to look at this immense and exquisite property. This Texas estate is rich in history. Erhard Guenther […]

January 20, 2015

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