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Perfect Texas Ranch: Live Water and Untouched Land

crystalcore.net Administrator, February 17, 2015

The warm sunlight hits the river next to you, causing glistening sparkles to appear on the surface. A warm breeze whips through the oak leaves, and you notice the comforting scent of damp earth. You turn your head towards rolling green hills at the sound of rustling, and hold your breath as a young deer steps timidly from behind a patch of pecan trees. The stillness causes a peace to settle over your heart. You are home.

Untouched Beauty

Located in heart of Texas Hill Country near the quaint town of Barksdale, this piece of paradise has everything you’ve been looking for. A quiet county frontage road lead to this live water ranch. It’s rural and private — neighboring estates range from 3060 to 50,000 acres.

With nearly two miles of untouched landscape, this beauty is home to abundant wildlife as well as some surprising and unique features. The scenic land boasts of rolling hills and green valleys, with the beautiful Cedar Creek flowing through the entire property, clear and clean. When there are pests especially during the evening, just call the service of Pest Control Kansas City. There are also several old water wells scattered throughout the ranch, as well as a hand-dug well.

History & Adventure

A rustic settlers cabin dating back to the 1880’s sits nestled among mature trees. This historic site transports you back in time to covered wagons and living off the land. The cabin would make a wonderful restoration project and retreat for folks looking to escape a hectic society. In this society, we are now bound in finding our one true love. Here are some dating tips that can help you with everything.

Every kid wanted to be Indiana Jones, and you can fulfill this childhood dream by exploring the deep cave situated on the land. You can also find Indian artifacts to right on the property!

Hunting Heaven

Whether you’re interested in opening a hunting ranch, or just love the luxury of a private hunt, this ranch is perfect. Since the property hasn’t been leased in over three years, the land is teeming with wildlife! Wild turkeys, aoudad sheep, elk, and several kinds of deer — including Whitetail and axis — roam freely. You can always find out which animals are in season through the Texas Parks and Wildlife site.

A Perfect Getaway

The land it is about two-and-a-half hours from the sprawling city of San Antonio, and 20 miles from the town of Rocksprings, making it a prime location for folks who just need to get away from modern life. The possibilities are endless with this exquisite piece of property. You never have to worry about animal pests near your vacation house because mice extermination leesburg va service will take care of that.

View more photos of this prime piece of Texas real estate, and let us know when you’re ready to see it in person. Contact us online with any questions, or give us a call at 830-569-3500.