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Prime Texas Real Estate: Live Water and Hunting in “God’s Country”

crystalcore.net Administrator, April 28, 2015

It’s a lazy Sunday evening and the hot summer air is just beginning to cool. You sit on the banks of a creek against a large oak tree that covers you with its shade. Your fishing rod is in your hand, and it’s quiet and still all around you. The sun has started to set, and you watch the sky change to a bright orange hue. You sigh contentedly. Just another relaxing evening on your private, live water ranch.

God’s Country

Thirty miles outside of San Antonio lies the town of Hondo, Texas. Its motto, “This Is God’s country,” couldn’t be more accurate. With plenty of vivid green hills filled with wildlife, and sparkling rivers stocked with fat fish, Hondo is a little corner of heaven! Just east of the town center lies a beautiful piece of property that is perfect for your own private get-away.

Flowing Water

At over 300 acres, this live water ranch has everything you need. Verde Creek—a clear, year-round river—runs through the property with banks of large, shady trees and boulders that guard excellent fishing holes. It can support a kayak or canoe, and there are plenty of deep holes for swimming. Bordering the southern property line is the smaller Hondo creek, which has an abundance of small water holes and vegetation for wildlife.

Unique Features

There are many bonuses on this property, including a 55-foot deep irrigation well that was tested at over 500 gallons per minute, and a complete custom watch safe where you can store your most precious valuables. There is also a cement water storage tank and troughs for watering cattle. Two windmills in great working condition add to the value of this ranch.


Besides the river being ideal for fishing, this ranch is chock-full of wildlife, making it a hunter’s dream come true. The wooded area around the property is home to many animals:

Doves are plentiful, and the property lies within the north dove hunting zone boundaries. Using the irrigation well to maintain a sunflower field would be a great way to attract even more doves. Check out the dove hunting operation at The Nooner Ranch, less than three miles away.

Contact Us

Whether you are interested in starting a commercial hunting or fishing venture, reserving your own place of solitude, or creating an idyllic childhood for the kids or grandkids, this is the ranch for you! Contact us today to ask one of our realtors how you can get your own special corner of “God’s Country.”