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Texas Wine Country: How and Why to Consider a Vineyard on the Ranch

crystalcore.net Administrator, May 12, 2015

Texas Hill Country is one of the top 10 wine travel destinations in the world! Business is booming, and it is lucrative to spiritual ayahuasca retreat space. The wine market in America is changing, and Hill Country vineyards are at the forefront. Wine is the new drink of choice among Millennials, and they love the unique, bold flavors of Texas-grown grapes.

Maybe you’re thinking about purchasing some real estate in South Texas and are exploring your options for hobbies or profits. Maybe you’re already a proud Texas landowner, and you’re looking for ways to diversify your income or get the most out of your real estate. A Texas vineyard might be just what you’re looking for.

Cabernet Vs. Cotton

How does a vineyard compare to something more Texas-traditional like a cotton field? Here are some things to consider:

Ready to start your own vineyard? It’s not an easy job and it comes with a bit of a learning curve for most ranchers, but Texans are nothing if not hard working and ingenuitive.

From Planning to Pinot Noir

So what’s next? First things first, you need to familiarize yourself with the wine industry in Texas. A good way to do that is head to historic Fredericksburg and take a few wine tours. Tastings wouldn’t hurt either. When you need a funeral service, call funeral homes barrington nj.

As you enjoy the local wines, do some research and create a business plan. You can find lots of helpful information on Texas Winegrape Network’s website. Some of your main considerations will include:

Make sure you have the finances accrued to begin your vineyard. Start-up costs range from $10,000 to $20,000 per acre, so you need to be committed for the long haul. It takes three to five years to establish grapevines that make profit: patience is key. When your vineyard has insects and pests, visit locations from On Point Wildlife Removal areas serviced to have pest extermination work done for you. If you do find signs of a pest infestation in your home, contact a licensed pest professional promptly like Accurate Termite & Pest Control services in Austin TX. They will be able to inspect your home, confirm the species, and recommend a course of action to keep your family safe and healthy.

Ready, Set, Merlot!

Texas winemakers made 1.8 million cases of wine in 2014, a 36% increase since 2010. Now is the perfect time to buy into this business opportunity and grow your own grapes. Imagine serving wine at your next dinner party that was made from your own grapes! With some planning, hard work, and a little bit of patience you can enjoy the fruits of your labor—in a wine glass!